Professional Washout Booth


Washout Booth

  • 3/8 Thick Polypropylene Construction
  • Aluminum Stand
    • Earn up to 194 Points.


      Washout Booth Constructed of welded polypropylene plastic with front lips for decreased splashback.
      Transparent back panel lighting for viewing of the frame. Less vibration noise compared to metal or stainless units.


      • Back Lights
      • Aluminum Legs
      • Pressure Washer Wand Holder
      • Screen Holder
      • Vent Ready
      • Perforated Non Clogging Drain
      • Easy to clean

      Model Numbers:

      • 436-30     Heavy Duty 36”w x 48”h x 30”d
      • 442-30     Heavy Duty 42”w x 48”h x 30”d
      • 448-30     Heavy Duty 48”w x 48”h x 30”d
      • 460-30     Heavy Duty 60”w x 48”h x 30”d
      • 472-30     Heavy Duty 72”w x 48”h x 30”d
      • 560-30     Heavy Duty 60”w x 60”h x 30”d
      • 572-30     Heavy Duty 72”w x 60”h x 30”d
      • 672-30     Heavy Duty 72”w x 72”h x 30”d

      Width and Height specified are approximate outside dimension
      Depth is inside dimension / allow 8” for the frame rack to determine the size you require.
      Custom Sizes Available

      Additional information


      436-30: 36w x 48h x 30d, 442-30: 42w x 48h x 30d, 448-30: 48w x 48h x 30d, 460-30: 60w x 48h x 30d, 472-30: 72w x 48h x 30d, 560-30: 60w x 60h x 30d, 572-30: 72w x 60h x 30d, 672-30: 72w x 72h x 30d


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