RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Mesh

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RhinoScreen™ 2.0 RS-Mesh™

Mesh Size: 24” x 28”

RS-Mesh™, in tandem with a retentionable RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Screen Frame, offers the ability to quickly and easily change out the used mesh once a screen printing job has been completed. This method replaces the need to remove the stencil and go through the screen cleaning process.

These are the simple steps: 1) stretch mesh onto retentionable screen frame, 2) heat press design onto screen frame using RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Dry Stencil Film; 3) print the design; 4) toss the stencil; 5) re-stretch mesh.

10 - piece mesh pack / 125 mesh count                   $25.00 (Only $2.50 per piece)

10 - piece mesh pack / 160 mesh count                   $26.50 (Only $2.65 per piece)