Screen Printing Ink


RhinoTech Ink proudly distributes Total Ink Solutions screen printing Plastisol Inks offered in Bleed-Resistant, High-Opacity, General Purpose, Athletic, Glitter, Metallic and Day Glow. The CWB Ink Seps series offers industry-best, color accurate, photo realistic silk screen art. Plastisol Ink offers flexibility during screen printing. It won't dry up on a screen if you need to walk away from a project for a few minutes eliminating the need to immediately complete a project. Check out the wide-range of stunning ink colors that are available and be awed.

We also offer Plastisol Ink additives, screen stencils, manual, textile screen printers, conveyor and flash dryers, screen cleaning solutions and supplies. Note: Plastisol Ink must be cured at a temp of 350F.


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