CWB Gallon Kit

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CWB Ink Seps Gallon Kit

Start down the path toward better selling art with a complete set of CWB Inks to print your new Ink Seps color separations and save some money at the same time.

The Ink Seps CWB color system produces industry-best color-accurate photo-realistic silkscreen art.

The Ink Seps CWB app does 9-channel color separation in real time right in your browser.  Simply paste your image into the app and upload the separation back into your graphics application for screen preparation.

The CWB 9-channel color system uses 6 primary colors plus white, black and gray.  The six primary colors are red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta. 

The Ink Seps CWB color system produces industry-best color matching when used with Genuine CWB Color Inks.

CWB Colors: Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Grey, Magenta, Yellow, Red and White.