WhiteRhino Heat Transfer Adhesive


Transfer Adhesive Powder

  • Used with both hot and cold peel transfers
  • Maintains color integrity
  • Adds durability to design

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WhiteRhino Heat Transfer Adhesive is used primarily as a ‘bonding’ agent with heat transferred ink.  The transfer powder helps ensure a more thorough transfer of the ink onto the material. This also helps prevent dead spots from failing to transfer to the garment.  Some ink types can transfer successfully without using transfer powder. However, it is still recommended to use adhesive powder. This will yield the best results possible with all ink types. We recommend using transfer powder in conjunction with the Super Trans heat transfer paper which is available in two sizes.

WhiteRhino Heat Transfer Adhesive is applied to the transfer after the final color is applied. Because of the low melt powder polyester resin, it works best when used with heat transfer applications. WhiteRhino locks the ink onto the substrate with a permanent, durable, and flexible bond.

When the final cure is achieved, the powder will actually melt into the ink. The transfer is then applied with a heat press, the powder is re-activated and provides an enhanced bond onto the shirt. Thus giving it much better wash-ability. It can be used with both hot and cold peel transfers.

*Adhesive powder can be affected by humidity. As a result, residue may remain on your garment. For best results, handle this product in a humidity controlled environment.

  • Hot melt heat transfer adhesive
  • Locks effectively into the plastisol transfer offering a durable and vigorous bond
  • Eliminates any loss or removal of fine lines
  • Maintains color integrity
  • Reduces time, pressure and heat requirement
  • WhiteRhino is available in 1lb, 25lb, and 50lb containers
  • Micron Size 0-200
  • Melt Point 138°C (280°F)

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1 Pound, 25 Pound, 50 Pound

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