Screen Drying Cabinet


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Screen Drying Cabinet


HIX screen dryer filters heat air at a rate of 100 CFM with a unique air knife system that provides even air to every screen. This factor alone is of great benefit in decreasing screen prep time by cutting down on pinholes created by dust. The unique angle rack system eliminates movable parts and is capable of holding eight screens level at any size up to 26″ x 32″. Sturdy and durable, the HIX SD-2632 Screen Dryer can function as a coating table or a stand for the HIX TT-180 tabletop exposure unit.

The HIX SD-2632 Screen Dryer will dry your screens in minutes (not hours), and will help eliminate pinholes, cutting down on touchups. The HIX SD-2632 Screen Dryer has an innovative angle rack system with a self-leveling configuration that eliminates mesh contact with the shelf. The filtered air prevents pinholes, while slotted air knives provide evenly heated air to every frame.

There are 8 self-adjusting frame rails for screens up to 26” x 32”, and the air circulation system removes moisture laden air from inside the cabinet. The door seals prevent light from entering and air from escaping, and the galvanized interior resists rusting. There is a separate fan and heat switch, while the 36” x 36” countertop is perfect for screen stretching or to place a tabletop exposure unit.

1600W/5,400 BTU/ 14 Amp/ 120V


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