RhinoScreen 2.0 Frame & Stretching Tools


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RhinoScreen 2.0 Frame and Stretching Tools

Model: RS-Frame Kit

Frame Size: 21.5” x 25”

Included in this kit is a retentionable, reusable screen frame that offers easy-to-clamp square tubes that create consistent, controllable tension.  The simple stretching tools allow you to stretch frames to a high tension.  And, the open tube construction allows fluids to drain easily. Also, you will receive one pre-cut 125 RS-Mesh for your first screen.

These are the steps: 1) with RS-Mesh, stretch the frame; 2) using RhinoScreen 2.0 Dry Stencil Film, heat press the image onto the screen frame; 3) once printing project is completed, simply remove the mesh and toss it; 4) stretch new mesh onto the retentionable frame.


You only need to buy the kit once. The stretching tools can be used on all other frames that can be purchased separately.


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RS-Frame Kit

RS-Frame & Kit, RS-Frame Only, RS-Stretching Tool


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