M10-1 Recirculating System


Recirculation System

  • 4 Stage Filtering Process
  • 100% air-operated system
  • Flow Thru Brush
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M10-1 Recirculating System

Do you hate seeing your money go down the drain after cleaning ink from your screen? Ever thought of using a recirculating system for ink removal?
Our M10-1 Recirculating System will eliminate wasting chemicals every time you clean ink off the screen. The M10-1 is designed to fit under our RhinoTech Washout Booths. Once in place, it operates with a pneumatic pump to pump screen wash through a brush back onto your screen, thus recirculating the chemical. This will save you hundreds of dollars from being wasted.


  • Chemical Resistant Polypropylene Construction
  • 4 Stage Filtering Process
  • 100% air-operated system
  • Flow Thru Brush
  • Reduces solvent consumption up to 80% which means less waste going down the drain.
  • Small Foot Print Size (25″ x 23″ x 15″ )

Operating instructions:

    1. Install Filter paper on the back of the unit and feed through the above slot.
    2. Insert the filter cartridge into housing and tighten with wrench provided.
    3. Place the M10-1 under the drain on the washout booth.
    4. You can either pre-fill the M10-1 before sliding it in place or fill it through the washout booth drain. You will want to fill the unit with 15 gallons of screen wash.
    5. Plugin the air and turn the air pressure up to 60 psi.
    6. Put the brush into the booth and turn the green lever to on. The system should fill up with chemical and begin to flow through the brush.  Turn the green lever to off and the unit should stop running.


    • If the pump continues to operate, check the various fitting for air leaks and tighten. Do Not Overtighten.
    • No Liquid being Pumped through Brush: Check for debris clogged in inlet fitting attached to tank and hoses connecting to the pump. Replace the canister filter.


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