HP2536 High Pressure System


HP2536 High Pressure System

  • Processing (developing) screens
  • Stencil Removal
  • Degreasing Screens
  • Removing Haze (ghost images) from the screen.

Earn up to 660 Points.


HP2536 High Pressure System

Screen cleaning can be a difficult and messy process. The steps are many including tape removal and ink cleaning, removing emulsion and then haze/ghost removal. And, then there’s degreasing to prep for a new image.

Free yourself or an employee from standing next to a washout booth spraying water on screens for hours each day/week with the latest solution that is the RhinoClean HP2536 High Pressure System!

The HP 2536 High Pressure System is an automated, multi-function machine for all shop sizes. This unit can handle multiple frames with a typical 2 minute cycle time that blasts water onto pretreated frames. No matter if you are removing emulsion, dehazing or degreasing, you will no longer have to hold a pressure washer gun to manually clean screens.

Three functions of the HP 2536 include:

    • Stencil Removal
    • Degreasing Screens
    • Removing Haze (ghost images) from the screen.


    • Polypropylene Construction
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Traveling, Two Headed Rotating Spray Wand
    • Ability to Hold a 25″x36″ Screen or up to two, 23”x31” Screens
    • Easy Clean Drain


    • 120V/20 amp
    • 2 GPM Pump
    • Cold Water
    1. Clean off Ink
    2. Apply emulsion remover, de-hazer or degreaser chemical to the screen
    3. Place frame inside the unit
    4. Press the Start button

    While the unit is running, you can prep other frames for reclaiming, dehazing, or degreasing.



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