Heat Transfer Foil


Heat Transfer Foil

  • Use With Digital Transfers or Plastisol Ink
  • Available in 12” x 200’ rolls

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Heat Transfer Foil

Heat Transfer Foil is a simple way to add stand-out decoration, drama and flare to laser heat transfer t-shirts and other textiles! It’s an easy way to add instant, increased value to decorated products.

Foil is best applied through a transfer process on a special foil adhesive and/or with SingleStep Heat Transfer Laser paper, but it can also transfer to standard plastisol and special effects plastisol. Heat transfer foil can be used with most weedless laser transfer papers like Singlestep and RhinoDark, which is as simple as print, press, finish with foil and voila! You will have a have beautiful, dazzling t-shirt design with nothing more than a laser printer and a heat press! Our foil finishing sheets are available in a wide range of pearlescent, shimmery, and foil effect colors and are held on a thin clear liner for simple handling and pressing. The foil layer adheres to the compatible transfer and does not require cutting or weeding for a contoured, detailed design! Foil is weedless, it will only adhere to the toner or plastisol, no pre-trimming is necessary.


Application Instructions:

Once a design is pressed to the garment, place foil sheet on top of the design with colored side facing up. Press at 330° for 25 seconds with medium pressure. Remove the garment from the heat press and allow foil to cool before removing. Once cooled, start at on edge and roll the foil off the design in a smooth motion.

Care Instructions

For best results, turn garment inside out. Hand or machine wash on cold, delicate cycle, then line or air dry. For maximum durability do not place in dryer. Do not use bleach. Do not iron on printed area. Heat transfer foil is a vibrant, eye catching product, but its durability is not guaranteed to outlast the garment. Please use the product and set customer expectations accordingly.


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Blue, Copper, Gold, Purple, Red, Silver


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