6 Color / 4 Station Printer & Conveyor Dryer Package


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HIX Premier Printers

MODEL: 6C/4S 6Color / 4 Station Printer

The HIX NP Premier Printer is the fastest manual screen printer in the world and the result of 45 years of engineering excellence. We know that is a big statement, and this press is ready to back it up!
The HIX NP Premier Printer is expandable from 1 to 6 colors and 1 to 6 stations, and our state-of the-art micro registration provides dead-on accuracy.


  • Gas lifts – NO SPRINGS! That means you’ll never have to see your squeegees fly through the workshop. No need to hold the screen until fully lifted. No jerky movements that could take the press out of registration.
  • Custom large format and 8 color presses available. Standard with 15″ x 15″ wood boards and back screen clamp.
  • Full one-year warranty.
  • Screens are leveled and ready to print in a matter of seconds.
  • Micro-Registration standard.
  • Totally tool-less, on/off contact and inclination adjustments.
  • The true “all-heads-down” feature allows printing at the speed of loading/unloading.
  • Optional side clamps for improved grip and optional “Bigfoot” side clamps for extra large frames.
  • Faster and easier cleanup with aluminum castings, anodized, and epoxy coated finishes.
  • Full range of optional interchangeable platens: from jacket hold-downs to sleeve boards as well as custom aluminum boards.
  • 6/4 Premier (assembled and palleted): 47 x 48 x 55″, 410 lbs

HIX Flash Dyer


The HIX MSH 1818E is our lowest cost entry-level model. This unit offers many of the features as our higher-level models in a manual dryer.  HIX MSH 1818E utilizes a rugged infrared heating element, adjustable height, easy positioning wheels, and an energy saving heat sink that saves 70% of your heat when in idle, saving you big on electricity bills.


  • Simple/Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Adjustable height
  • 18″x18″ Heat Head
  • 28″ – 48″ Adjustable Height
  • 120V (2200W, 18.5 Amps)
  • 120 lbs.

HIX E2408 Electric Conveyor Dryer

HIX Economy Series dryers are great for smaller screen printing shops or for those who are looking for an economy priced dryer.
Built with the same HIX standard for quality and reliability.
Provides all of the basic needs to cure plastisol inks.
The dryers are not recommended for high moisture/waterbased inks. The HIX Premier models are better suited for these applications.

HIX Dryer Features Include:

  • Estimated Production: 104 to 156 Units per hour
  • Recirculating Airflow:   N/A
  • Exhaust Duct:             10″
  • Rated Exhaust Flow:   400cfm
  • Amp:                         32A
  • KW:                           6KW
  • BTU:                         20,630
  • Length:                      8′
  • Width:                        30″
  • Height:                       54″
  • Belt Width:                 24″
  • Oven Length Inside:    42″
  • Oven Length Outside:  54″
  • Entry Length:              20″
  • Exit Length:                20″
  • Belt Height:                32″
  • Volt-VAC:                  208-240

HIX Exposure Units


Depending on the sensitivity of the emulsion you use, you can still get fast exposures with the HIX TT-180D bar lighting system, which consists of six high output actinic UV lamps. Light scatter has always been an issue with bar lighting systems, but the deep draw blanket powered by a 115 Volt vacuum pump holds the art and screen so tight that any undercutting by light is held to a bare minimum. The digital timer and auto-shut off are standard on this unit which will hold screens up to 23” x 31.” The digital timer also ensures more accurate and precise exposure times.
This digital tabletop unit has all of the standard features, including an auto-reset timer, cycle start switch, separate vacuum, and main power switches.


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