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RhinoJet Film 11"x17"

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RhinoJet Film, 

100 sheets per box



11" x 17", 5 ML, 

Waterproof Positive Film 

is one of the staple sizes of film for Epson printers.

Exceptional features of leading Waterproof Clear Film for inkjet printers:

·        5 ML thick

·        fast drying formulation that works with both Pigment and Dye based inks

·        minimal dot gain

·        dries on contact

·        maximum density technology

·        for use with newer inkjet printers and high volume production printers in both screen print and offset prepress rooms to generate film positives or negatives.

·        Optimal halftone, shape, image clarity and shelf lifetime.

Recommendations for best results using Epson or other Inkjet Printers.

·        Open printer utility driver in the print queue menu.

·        Set Image settings to BEST QUALITY PHOTO or BEST IMAGE. This will enable printer to print at its max resolution.

·        Set paper settings to "premium glossy photo paper" or similar (we have found that premium glossy photo paper allows printer to lay down the maximum amount of ink).

Note film features and the side to print on:

·        Waterproof film has two sides, the carrier sheet side and the inkjet receptive side.

·        Easily identify the inkjet receptive side, the side to print on: 1) by slightly wetting your finger; 2) with wet finger, touch each side of film to find the sticky side. The side that sticks to your finger is the inkjet receptive side, the side to print on.

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