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Recirculating Systems without Washout Booth

  • Price: $1,220.00
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All Recirculating Systems are stand-alone and have been designed to fit under most Washout Booths.

They are constructed with solvent resistant Polypropylene. 

Choose from these models to fit your needs:

M-10-1            Recirculating Pumping System, Air Operated Up to 1.5 GPM Pump & Flow Tray Filtration Media   $1,220   Unit Size: 25"x23"x15"

M-10-2            Recirculating Pumping System, Air OperatedTrigger Action, Flow-Through Brush, 2 GPM Pump & Flow Tray, Filtration Media  $1,675   Unit Size: 24"x31"x19"

M-10-4            Heavy Duty Recirculating, Pumping Systemwith Air Operated 4 GPM, Pump & Flow Tray Filtration Media  $2,565                       

Recirculating Systems without Washout Booth
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