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DGG² 2200™ RhinoClean™ GREEN²™ Degreaser

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RhinoClean™ GREEN²™ Degreaser DGG² 2200™

  • A biodegradable degreaser.
  • Non-abrasive fabric treatment that acts like a wetting agent for use on all synthetic and wire screen mesh.
  • Provides an even sheeting of water for complete uniform stencil adhesion.
  • Improves film lamination and bonding of direct photo emulsions
  • Use before each stencil preparation.
  • Can be used alone or mixed 1:4 with water.

1 - Quart $8.35
1 - Gallon $14.65
5 - Gallon Pail $14.15 per gallon

Specifications DGG2200 SDS
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