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RT OKI c831-TS Light Laser Transfer Package

Print up to 11" x 17"

Product: c831TS Package

Part Number: c831TS P

Sale Price: $3,847.00


OKI C831-TS that has been designed especially for heat transfer printing. Results are vibrant, high-quality color graphics and text on transfer media and a wide variety of fabric substrates. It features enhanced High Definition (HD) Color Printing and Single Pass Color™ technologies with a straight-through paper path for results that ordinarily require expensive specialty media printing processes.

The package includes:

  • OKI c831-TS CMYK Printer
  • HIX SwingMan 20 Heat Press
  • SingleStep™ Heat Transfer Paper for White/light color fabrics, 50 sheets, 11" x 17"
  • SinglePrint™ Heat Transfer Paper, 50 sheets, 11" x 17" 


Excellent Features of the OKI c831TS Printer:

  • Prints up to 11.69" x 52".
  • Efficient logo gang sheet production.
  • Straight-through media path to print onto transparencies, banner media, heat transfer paper, card stock, and more.
  • High-definition LED print heads.
  • Full color printing at up to 8 ppm on 8.5" x 11" transfer media, up to 6 ppm on 11" x 17" transfer media.
  • Multi-Purpose Feeder holds up to 100 sheets.
  • Single Pass Color™ Digital technology and straight-through paper path handle a variety of approved transfer media.
  • PostScript® 3 and PCL® 6 emulations.
  • Print on media from 3" x 5" up to 11.6" x 52".
  • HD Color Printing technology for sharp detail and rich, dramatic color.
  • Excellent running cost offering lower costs per square inch.
  • Compact design.

OKI c831TS Printer Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 17.6" x 21.7" x 14.2" (449 mm x 552 mm x 360 mm)
  • Weight: 81.5 lbs. (36.9 kg)
  • Paper Input: Maximum 400 sheets (300-sheet Bottom Tray and 100-sheet Multi-Purpose Tray)
  • Multi-Purpose Tray: Standard capacity: 100-sheet. Handles overhead transparencies, envelopes, mailing label stock, recycled paper, and banners
  • Paper Size: Main Tray – A3, Tabloid, A4 (LEF), A4 (SEF), Letter (LEF), Letter (SEF), A5, Legal 13/13.5/14, Executive; 2nd and 3rd Trays – A3, Tabloid, A4 (LEF), A4 (SEF), Letter (LEF), Letter (SEF), A5, Legal 13/13.5/14, Executive; Multipurpose Tray – 3" x 5" to 11.6" x 52" banner, Envelopes
  • Paper Weight: Main Tray 17 lb. bond – 54 lb. bond/ 80 lb. cover (64 – 220 gsm); 2nd and 3rd Trays 17 lb. - 47 lb. bond (64 – 176 gsm); Multi-purpose Tray 17 lb. bond – 140 lb. index (64 – 256 gsm); Duplex 17 lb. - 54 lb. bond/80 lb. cover (64 – 220 gsm)
  • Print Speed: Letter/A4 – up to 35 ppm Color and Monochrome; Tabloid/A3 – up to 20 ppm
  • Print Resolution: 1200 x 600 dpi
  • Toner Cartridges/Images Drums: Separate Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black toners and image drums
  • Toner Cartridge Life: Approximately 10,000 pages each*
  • Image Drum Life: Approximately 30,000 pages each (based on 5% letter coverage)
  • Standard Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Compatibility: Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 x64, Server 2003; Mac® OS X 10.5 and higher


  • IC Laser Dark transfers brilliant color to all DARK garments including Spirit and Athletic wear; Dri-Fit/polyester, 100% cotton and 50/50 blends. Textile metallic foil can be added for heightened appeal and an increased price point.  And, it’s self-weeding.
  • SingleStep™ is a weedless, laser paper for transferring to Light/White fabrics. Only the toner transfers! Easily add Foil and Rhinestones.
  • SinglePrint™ is used to digitally print onto multiple types of hard surfaces such as light color metal (dog tags), ceramic, glass (awards), mouse pads, wood (plaques), Acrylic, some card stock and leather.


  • Digital pressure gauge for preset pressing times and temps
  • LCD touch screen
  • Swing-away heat press
  • Self-leveling platens
  • Digital timer with audio alarm
  • Digital timer that can be set to 99 min and 59 seconds
  • Calibrated digital temperature control that can be set up to 450F or 232 C
  • Full range pressure control for thick and thin substrates
  • Heat presses substrates up to 1 ¾ inches thick
  • Certified to UL, CE, CSA and ETL standards.

EXCELLENT FEATURES OF THE Smart DESIGNER X6 ready vol. 1 Design Package:

  • Simplifies and automates the art creation process to create production read art.
  • Specifically designed to wrap into the Corel Draw X6 program.
  •  Minimizes the need to learn complex production techniques
  • Quickly creates high quality artwork that can be customized through production-ready clipart images and templates.


  • DARK and Light color apparel and fabrics including fleece.
  • Metal dog tags, mousepads, acrylic, wood, glass, ceramic and other hard surface items. puzzles and other promotional products and gifts.
  • Sticker materials, static cling materials, and other items with full-color.
  • Colored card stock, stationery, invitations, envelopes, etc. - with white.

Manufacturers’ Warranty:

  • 2 year On-site Warranty
    Option to upgrade to 3 years total
  • 5 year Digital LED Printhead Warranty