An Engraved Look-Alike Memorial with SinglePrint Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper

The May issue of A & E magazine (Awards and Engraving magazine) offers up a stellar subject,  “The Many Memorial Market Opportunities: How and why you should sell memorial products” by Brenda Walsh. Though the author notes that it can be a sensitive subject, she’s discovered that this market area is building with opportunities for engravers to expand into this growing arena. And, she notes, memorial items are not just for “loss”. They also offer a way for a generous donor to be recognized, for life events to be recognized. All in all “these types of keepsakes are often treasured for years and are an enjoyable way to look back on the past”.

A Discovery.

Following in that theme, we’ve also discovered a way for screen and digital printing businesses to affordably expand into this arena. Engraved-like memorabilia using SinglePrint heat transfer paper application is the ticket. SinglePrint is a weedless, laser heat transfer paper that is a single sheet process. Once the design has been printed onto SinglePrint, it transfers simply onto light color, hard surfaces, such as wood and glass plaques and plates, keepsake boxes, ceramic mugs and plates, leather and metal such as dog tags.

Memorial. SinglePrint
Memorial Plaque printed with SinglePrint

You’ll find that copy and designs will appear defined, engraved-like and bold. A photo image of a family member, friend or pet, a handprint, a special saying, and design are all possibilities. It’s another way of meeting a customer’s need and bumping up your bottom line.

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And, if you’re shopping for a heat press to offer solid, consistent results, be sure that it’s high quality with digital pressure, time and temperature gauges. You’ll especially get these results with an RT Swingman-20 Heat Press or the RT DK20 Heat Press. They are both power-house producers.

View tips, technique and a step-by-step video on how to work with SinglePrint  HERE.

Find glass and wood plaque blanks HERE.

Remember, poignant keepsakes profess tender remembrances.