Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing & More. ? Answered.

Screen Printing, Image of Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing & More. ? Answered.
Expert Heat Transfer Printing guy.

Information on Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Sublimation and more.

Whether you’re new to Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Sublimation, and DTG Printing or experienced in one of the many types of printing in our industry, there is something for everyone to ponder and learn from in the annual Printwear Q & A Troubleshooting Guide. Read captivating answers regarding Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Sublimation, DGT,  Advertising, and  Business Operation questions. This feature edition of the magazine, along with popular experts in our industry, have volunteered their time and expertise in an effort to unravel the intricacies of printing specialties to help the reader be successful.

RhinoTech and the Experts – Advise.

RhinoTech shared the secret to getting a good bond between mesh and aluminum screen frame; the smart, effective way to apply foil to a heat transferred design.  Inksoft answered the question of how to build an email marketing list without a budget. Representatives from Rhinestone World, Stahls’, Joto and a long list of other industry professionals also supplied answers to the most often asked questions.

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Heat Transfer Printing includes SingleStep Heat Transfer Paper with Foil” width=”225″ height=”300″ /> Heat Transfer Printing includes SingleStep Heat Transfer Paper with Foil

Inquiries and answers regarding Heat Transfer Printing and Sublimation were illuminating. Since sublimation is going gangbusters, the explanation on how to create artwork for all-over printed dye-sublimation shirts becomes a gateway for a new service stream and revenue builder.

And, Screen Printing questions revealed the same problems that the experts had tackled and resolved at some point in their own careers. From color matching to exposure systems, a pretty vast sum of valuable information was imparted.

More About Sublimation Printing.

Sublimation Socks
Sublimation Socks

The use of this method involves a way to apply images to a variety of specialty coated items such as metal, ceramic, puzzle blanks, mousepads and polyester fabric using dye sublimation ink, a (good) heat press with accurate pressure. Using dye-sub ink on 100% polyester is different, though. No coating on the fabric is required. You simply screen print directly onto the fabric. The Rhino socks were printed with this method.

According to 10 Things Every Sublimator Should Know, by Colin VanLint, a contributing writer for Impressions Magazine (October 12, 2016), “Sublimation takes 10 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. The equipment and products always are changing so, whether you have been sublimating for 20 years or two days, there always are new lessons to learn.”

More About Heat Transfer Printing with a Metallic Foil Overlay

Such an easy process!! And, it will offer a big return on the investment (just pennies worth of foil) when used in conjunction with SingleStep heat transfer paper (for use with white/light fabric) that is a laser paper. These are the steps:

-Print design in mirror image, so that it will end up being “right reading”.   -Position t-shirt onto heat press bed and add parchment paper on top of the shirt.

-Next, heat press the t-shirt for 5-10 seconds with MEDIUM PRESSURE to remove wrinkles and moisture.

-Remove parchment paper and position design on the shirt.   -Place parchment paper on top of the design.

-With MEDIUM PRESSURE, heat press for 25 seconds at 330° F.

– Carefully, HOT PEEL the transfer by beginning at a corner and rolling the paper back against the grain in one smooth motion.


-Crinkle Foil to add richer texture then flatten it out on top of the design.     -Place parchment paper on top of the Foil and heat press for 25 seconds at 330° F.

-Remove parchment paper and let the t-shirt cool.    -COLD PEEL by just rolling the foil off the shirt.

-Add parchment paper onto the top of the design; re-press for 10 seconds to doubly ensure a foil bond.

RESULT: Excellent color pop, added dimension, and appeal.

Screen Printing = Screen Printer/ Conveyor Dryer. A Combo.

Screenprinting Conveyor Dryer
Screen Printing equipment options. Screen printer/conveyor dryer combo.

Space an issue in your shop? How about a manual screenprinter and conveyor dryer option? Our 5′ Screen Printing Dryer offers affordable, flawless, professional and consistent functioning. It features one, 2,000-watt heating element. The flow-through design offers simple garment loading and the attached, manual screen printer is wholly unique and efficient. The space-saving design is a great solution for shops with limited floor space.

So many options. You’re bound to have more questions, so please connect with us. And, thanks for taking the time to absorb all of this info.

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