Prep a Screen for Stretching Mesh

Prep a Screen Frame. It doesn’t have to be a big deal when you follow the steps toward the ultimate goal of getting a seriously strong bond of screen mesh to frame.

Though nice and shiny, we already know that an aluminum screen frame that hasn’t been sandblasted won’t be workable when in the stretching mesh phase. And, yes, even if you’ve just used a grinding disc and/or sandpaper to prep the surface, though appreciated, our experience has demonstrated that the frame still won’t be rough enough for the glue to really “bite” into the frame. By watching the video and following a few straightforward steps, your screen prep will be quick and efficient.

So, this is the Screen Prep process:

With the glue bottle tip, apply a thin bead of RhinoBond Screenprinting Instant Adhesive around the entire surface of the frame (you can do this using RhinoMite 2-part adhesive, as well).

  • Be sure to only use a small amount. If you lay too much glue down, it’ll smear and drip down the sides of the frame (it won’t hurt anything; just won’t look good).

Next, using the little yellow applicator, spread the glue evenly around the frame. Remember, you’re just pre-coating it.

Once the glue is spread out, use RBA 1500A Aerosol Activator to give it a light, quick mist to cure.

RBP 1500A Activator
  • DON’T OVERSPRAY. Too much will over-cure the glue. This could make it crack so that when you’re ready to stretch the mesh, the glue could potentially release making it impossible to achieve a secure bond of mesh to frame.

And, that’s it! Congratulations. Your frame has just been prepped for an ideal glue to glue, mesh to frame stretching situation.

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