Instant  Adhesive and Two Part Adhesive from RhinoTech each offers excessive strength when bonding mesh to frame. But, what are the differences?

To answer the question with a visual component, click on this Video. It’s a thorough feature with descriptions of Instant Adhesive and  Two Part Adhesive as they relate to stretching screen frames.

RhinoBond INSTANT ADHESIVE is used when you need to quickly stretch a screen frame. Three varieties of Instant Adhesive are available in a Performance Grade, Economy Grade, and Toughened Grade.  No pre-mixing is needed with any of the grades and each offers powerful tension-holding capabilities from 70 – 90 Newtons. With an activator like RBP 1500A (aerosol) or in liquid form such as RBP 1500, these adhesives dry in 3 – 5 seconds. Use on wood or aluminum frames.

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These are the Step-by-Step Instructions on how to use Instant Adhesive and Two Part Adhesive:

Spread the adhesive/glue evenly onto the screen frame after the mesh is stretched.

Next, apply one or the other of these two Activators: RBP 1500A that is an Aerosol or a liquid activator that is RBP 1500.

Once applied, the adhesive will dry in just 3 – 5 seconds.

Two PART ADHESIVE is RMA 3000. It is mixed with a catalyst to ensure chemical resistance and it typically dries in 10-15 minutes.

RMA 3000 is applied the same way as RhinoBond Instant Adhesive. Instant Adhesive and Two Part Adhesive offer strong bonds characteristics


RhinoBond Instant Adhesive comes in a 1 lb. or 16 oz. container. The Two-part Adhesive, RMA3000, comes in a gallon container.

Though RMA 3000 takes 10-15 minutes to dry, it becomes very economical when you have multiple tables of frame stretching/drying going on at the same time.

If you need to quickly stretch/dry a frame, then RhinoBond Instant Adhesive is a natural choice. Time saved by not having to wait for a screen frame to dry becomes worth the money.

And, that’s it. Thanks for watching this brief overview and learning about the significant ways you can ensure a strong bond of mesh to frame.

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