Ultralite Screen Cleaning Package

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Ultralite Series Washout Booth

Size: 32"wx48"hx24"d
Polypropylene, chemical-resistant construction, Polypro legs, Backligting, Frame holder and Wand holder.

M5 Manual Filtration System

Size: 21.25"x25"x22

Polypropylene construction and drain ready.

Multi-Screen filtration system comes with 10 sheets of 10 micron filtration media.

High Pressure Cleaner  Model: RSAR 38SS 

This electric pressure washer is built to last and can withstand the rigorous demands of frequent use.  It generates an amazing 1900 PSI; up to 40% as much pressure as a typical garden hose.  For tough jobs, attach the included turbo nozzle to the stainless steel pro style lance with a quick connect to increase the effective pressure by up to 50%.  For less-intense cleaning, attach the fan spray nozzle, pencil spray or the low pressure detergent nozzle.  Also included with this machine is an onboard detergent tank that makes applying degreaser easier that is much quieter than a gasoline pressure washer . It's certified by CSA International for safety.  

Dip / Soak Tank

Model: AP2024 / 26” x 8” x 26” (20 gal.)

The RhinoClean™ Dip Tank / Emulsion Removal System is designed for fast, safe and efficient removal of screen printing stencils. The RhinoClean™ System, used in conjunction with RhinoClean Emulsion Remover and/or AP1000 (all in one) Ink Degradent Emulsion Remover will effectively remove all types of emulsion from the screen frame. Once the emulsion is soft, simply remove with high pressure washer.