RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Remover

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RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Remover

Model: RS-Remover™

Size: Quart

RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Remover lets you easily remove the stencil from the screen frame.

These are the steps: 1) card the ink off the screen with a RhinoClean™ Screen Wash; 2) apply a small amount of RS-Remover™ to both sides of the RhinoScreen™ 2.0 dry stencil film; 3) let remover sit for approximately 3 minutes; 4) rinse the frame with water; 5) with a high pressure cleaner like the RS1500A, blast off the stencil from the squeegee side of the frame; 6) if ghost images remain, de-haze screen; 7) let screen dry; 8) apply RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Dry Stencil Film image.

Quart $17.85

Specifications RS-Remover SDS