M10 Filtration System

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Filtration System:

Manual Filtration System made with chemical resistant Polypropylene.

M10 Manual Operated Water Filtration System w/50yrds. of Filter Media, 10 Microns

Poly Pro construction, chemical resistant and ready to be connected to your drain. 

If your drain is higher then the discharge point on the M10

you will require a Discharge Pump to remove the water.

The unit size is 23"L x 23"W x 19"H.

The unit has a 12" x 17" tray on top that the chemical will drain into.

On the right side there is a 3/4" bulkhead that is 6" from the floor and 13" from the front for the chemical to drain out of the unit.

M10 Filtration System $1,000.00

M10-ADP Discharge Pump $395.00


M10 Filtration System
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M10 Filtration System
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