RhinoClean Ink Removal System


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RhinoClean Ink Removal Systems

RhinoClean Ink Removal Systems are epic! They are designed for fast, safe and efficient removal of virtually all types of screen printing inks. In conjunction with RhinoClean Screen Wash, screens are quickly reclaimed.

The F2536-IR-1E (E = Electric Pump) $8,675.00

Benefits of the RhinoClean Ink Removal System:

  • Engineered for use with biodegradable solvents
  • Eliminates disposal costs
  • Eliminates fire hazard
  • Reduces excess exposure to solvents for employees
  • Recycles and filters solvent


  • Polypropylene Construction
  • Chemical-resistant Construction
  • Fixed Spray Heads
  • Rotating Spray Heads
  • Two-sided Cleaning
  • Full Spray Coverage
  • Grid Filter
  • Canister Filter
  • Explosion-proof Pump
  • Cleaning Cycle Timer
  • Top-loading Design
  • Cleans 1 Frame at a time – up to 25” x 36” Frame


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