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Stencil-Making in Screen Printing is so much Faster Now.


Revolutionary Stencil-Making!

Making a stencil is key in screen printing.

We know that you know that. And, for all time, it’s been a time-consuming process with many steps that include: creating a film positive, applying emulsion or using capillary film, exposing the screen, developing the screen and then letting the screen frame dry.

But, now, there’s a new and improved method to create a stencil with RhinoScreen 2.0 Dry Stencil Film. This process has literally revolutionized stencil-making. And, created a whole big crowd of happier screen printers who are liking this new, 2-step method that eliminates the need for a film positive, emulsion, capillary film, exposure and drying time. The image on the right was created with this latest system.

Once completed, we began the screen printing process. This is what we did next:

  1. Placed the screen onto a 4/Color – 2/Station manual, a textile printer from RhinoTech
  2. Screen printed design w/Plastisol ink onto a black t-shirt.
  3. Placed shirt on the Conveyor Dryer.
  4. Added BLUE, Textile Metallic Foil by heat pressing on top of the design.

Final result – a Tee with added dimension, a pop of color and appeal (for the customer) and a higher price point for the business owner.

Advantages of this Dry Stencil Film:

  • Elimination of extra products and time needs.
  • Money and time saved.
  • Reduced inventory space requirements.
  • Affordability that improves the business owners’ profit margins.
  • Responds to needs for safer/enviro-sensitive products in our industry.
  • Used paper is free of BPA and Phthalates, contains no organic pollutants, such as PFOS and PVC materials or organotin that are powerful biocides and fungicide.
  • Used paper is recyclable as it contains no silicone.

For a complete, step-by-step video of this cool system, please click HERE.

For more info and to get your questions answered, please contact our Customer Service Specialist at 651-686-5027 x 4 or Let’s work together and help you be wildly successful or even more so.


Dry Stencil Film is Amazing and Works with a Heat Press
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