SD2536 Screen Developing System


SD2536 Screen Developing System

  • Two Sided Cleaning
  • Multiple Spray Heads
  • Pressure Adjustment

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SD2536 Screen Developing System

Screen developing is a critical step in the screen printing process. It is essential that screens be made in a consistent manner to ensure a uniform print and to do so means that you and/or an employee must stand at the washout booth spraying water with a high pressure washer for hours on a daily or weekly basis.

The solution to this tedious task has arrived with the RhinoClean SD2536 Screen Developing System!

SD2536 Screen Developing System is an automated machine for all shop sizes. This unit can handle multiple frames within a short cycle to process frames.


  • Polypropylene Construction
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Traveling, Two Head Rotating Spray Wand and Two Rotator Heads on the Opposite Side of the Screen
  • Ability to Hold a 25″x36″ Screen or up to two, 23”x31” Screens
  • Kill Switch on Unit, so if it is opened while in use the machine will shut down automatically
  • Adjustable time control
  • Easy Clean Drain


Add an M10 Filtration System to the unit to collect excess emulsion before it goes down the drain.


  • 120V/20 amp
  • 2 GPM Pump
  • Cold Water
    1. Expose your screen
    2. Insert the screens into the SD2536 unit
    3. Press the start button
    4. When the unit stops, take the frames out and let them drip dry in the screen holder

    While the unit is running, prep other frames for reclaiming, dehazing, or degreasing.




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