RhinoBond Economy Grade Instant Adhesive Kit


Instant Adhesive

  • Bonds To All Wood and Aluminum Frames
  • Viscosity Range for all mesh counts
  • Dries in seconds with activator
  • Includes Adhesive, Activator, and Squeegee

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RhinoBond Economy Grade Instant Adhesive Kit

Make your own screen the easy way with RhinoBond Economy Grade Instant Adhesive Kit. For best results, make sure that the aluminum frame surface is clean and “roughened” to give the adhesive the best possible bond. You can either use heavy grit sandpaper, wire wheel or a grit blaster. Make sure to wipe the surface with acetone or isopropyl alcohol prior to bonding. Aluminum will oxidize so stretch the frame immediately after cleaning. Wood frames should also be cleaned and any old cured adhesive sanded off. Make sure the surface is dry and dust free before bonding.

Stretch mesh across the frame and put weights in the center prior to applying the adhesive. This will ensure good contact between the frame and the mesh. Use a plastic spreader to evenly distribute the adhesive over the mesh. Next, lightly spray the adhesive from a distance of 12″ with RBP1500A Activator. RhinoBond will cure within 5-10 seconds. Simply trim the excess mesh and your frame is ready.

RhinoBond Toughened Grade Instant Adhesive Kit,  RhinoBond was developed explicitly for bonding to all aluminum and wood frames.

  • RhinoBond adhesive bonds instantly and sets in seconds when used with RBP1500A activator
  • Requires no premixing of solvents
  • Its high strength and quick set time make RhinoBond Glue the “go-to” for all screen makers
  • Offered in a variety of thicknesses for different mesh counts
  • Tension holding capabilities up to 70 newtons
  • RhinoBond Instant Frame Adhesives excel in their performance with a shear strength of 2900 psi, a tensile strength of up to 3325 psi and a peel strength of 2.8 pli.
  • Packaged with an easy to pour spout

Suggested Viscosity for mesh:

  • 85-160 = 700 cps
  • 110-230 = 300 cps
  • 160-305 = 100 cps

The lower the centipoise (cP) is, the thinner the adhesive is.
For example, RBA 500 is very thin (100 cPs) and RBA 570 is much thicker (700 Cps)

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RBA500 100 cPs Kit, RBA520 300 cPs Kit, RBA570 700 cPs Kit


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