RhinoDARK 560 Laser Heat Transfer Paper


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RhinoDARK 560 Heat Transfer Paper – Laser Transfer Paper

The transfer media set will allow you to transfer prints from the Icolor 560 or any white toner printer onto a variety of garments – including dark fabrics.

The RhinoDARK 560 media works at the temperature of 310°F which means you can print onto, polyester and poly-cotton blends without the risk of scorching or melting the fabric* as well as 100% Cotton

RhinoDARK 560 transfer media is a two sheet set, weed-free system, ensuring little time is wasted picking and weeding your transfer prints. RhinoDARK 560 enables you to produce detailed, quality images while dramatically reducing your production time.

Wash-tested up to 50 washes in warm water and dry in low heat (turn garments inside out for washing), your images will remain durable and vibrant.*

Designed to work with the Icolor 560 or any white toner printer. There are many types of coatings and finishes applied to textiles and synthetic fabrics, so make certain adhesion is satisfactory and test for washability or scuff-resistance when applying transfer media to such materials.

Additional information

Paper Size

8.5in x 11in

Sheets per Package

5 Sheet Package, 50 Sheet Package, 100 Sheet Package


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