HR 2800 RhinoClean Haze Remover


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HR 2800 Haze Remover

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  • SW 175 RhinoClean Screen Wash Degradant

    HR 2800 RhinoClean Haze Remover


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      SW 175 RhinoClean Screen Wash Degradant

      HR 2800 RhinoClean Haze Remover


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      HR 2800 Haze Remover

      HR 2800 haze remover is an aggressive haze and ghost remover. It’s designed for use in a production screen printing environments. HR2800 cleans mesh stains with less odor and effort, compared to paste stain removers. Its high viscosity makes it very easy to apply.
      Haze and stain removers get the hard to remove residual ink and emulsion out of the mesh openings in the screen. HR2800 is used after reclaiming in order to clean the mesh of any haze or stain. This will keep the ink flowing smoothly through the mesh openings job after job. HR2800 will allow you to reuse your old screens that were used for multiple jobs, even with heavy stains.

      • Specially formulated thick liquid to remove embedded U.V., conventional and plastisol inks (haze/ghost images) that remain on the screen following emulsion removal
      • effectively lifts the haze and imbedded ink from the mesh then emulsifies and dissolves the ink constituents; resins, binders, pigments, plasticizers, etc.
      • The solution suspends these constituents so reattachment to the mesh surface is prohibited, thus allowing for water-rinse removal.
      • Excellent degreaser, as it also removes dirt and residue.
      • Packaged in quarts for shipping.


      1. Thoroughly shack or mix prior to using the product.
      2. Apply HR2800 directly to both sides of the screen starting from the center and working to the sides in a circular fashion. The screen can be dry or wet when applying the ghost remover. It is a thick liquid and will stay where you put it on a wet screen.
      3. Let stand approx. 3 to 5 minutes.
      4. To eliminate image, first, rinse the screen with water then with a high-pressure washer such as RS1500A. Starting from the bottom of the screen and working to top moving in a side to side motion. With your pressure cleaner, make sure to power wash the screen from both sides.
      5. Once the screen has dried you are ready to recoat the screen for your next job. Degreasing the screen will not be necessary if the screen was in a clean area to dry. HR2800 also acts as an excellent degreaser.


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