Economy Series Washout Booth


  • Polypropylene Construction
  • LED Backlights
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Easy clean drain
  • Frame Holder

Earn up to 202 Points.


Having a high quality, well designed washout booth is critical in the proper cleaning and preparation of screens. Your Inks and emulsion can be power washed off the screen and are contained within the sink to help keep other areas of your shop clean and dry. Constructed out of Polypropylene plastic, RhinoTech Economy Series Washout Booths will hold up against years of daily washing, emulsion, and ink reclamation. Polypropylene will also deaden the vibration caused by high pressure sprayers making them much quieter when compared to stainless steel or galvanized metal booths.

RhinoTech Economy Series Washout booths are made with the busy printer in mind.

  • Integrated frame holder
  • pressure washer wand mount
  • LED lighting
  • Translucent back panel
  • Waterproof light switch
  • 3/8 thick chemical resistant polypropylene plastic
  • Easy clean drain
  • 1.5” threaded drain connection for easy plumbing
  • Fully welded material
  • Backlit for frame inspection
  • Convenient side-mounted On/Off Switch
  • 120V Lighting

Add a filtration system to protect your shop and be more eco-friendly. Many local authorities now require some type of filtration for screen printers. Be ahead of the game and filter your water before you are required to. The M-10 Filtration System catches the water and debris as it drains from the sink, seeps through 3 stages of filtration. A cleaner shop helps for a cleaner environment.  RhinoTech Screen Printing Equipment

* Liftgate Unavailable

Economy Series Washout Booth Sizes

Model Size Features
436-24   36”w x 48”h x 24”d   with Plastic Legs and Backlight
448-24   48”w x 48”h x 24”d   with Plastic Legs and Backlight
460-24   60”w x 48”h x 24”d   with Plastic Legs and Backlight
472-24   72”w x 48”h x 24”d   with Plastic Legs and Backlight
560-24   60”w x 60”h x 24”d   with Plastic Legs and Backlight
572-24   72”w x 60”h x 24”d   with Plastic Legs and Backlight
672-24   72”w x 72”h x 24”d   with Plastic Legs and Backlight

Width and Height specified are approx. outside dimension – Depth is inside dimension. Add 24″ to height for legs.

Custom Sizes Available. Please Request a Quote.

Washout Booth Assembly Instructions:

Unwrap legs and mounting hardware from inside the Economy Series Washout Booth. Place booth upside down on a non-scratch surface. Attach a leg to one corner with 4 bolts. Slots have been placed to make the leg assembly easier. Place lock washer and nut onto the bolt and tighten. Repeat for the remaining 3 legs. With 2 people, flip the unit over onto the legs and place in the desired position. Attach plumbing or position filtration system, plug into the nearest outlet and you are done.

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436-24: 36w x 48h x 24d, 448-24: 48w x 48h x 24d, 460-24: 60w x 48h x 24d, 472-24: 72w x 48h x 24d*, 560-24: 60w x 60h x 24d, 572-24: 72w x 60h x 24d*, 672-24: 72w x 72h x 24d*


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