Freight Inspection Guideline



Count, Open & Inspect entire contents BEFORE signing for the shipment! If the boxes or shrinkwrap look damaged, note damaged items and/or shortages on the delivery receipt. REFUSE any damaged goods. Failure to note damages/shortages at the time of delivery releases RhinoTech from all liability; therefore, you are responsible for any replacement costs. A notation of “Subject to Inspection” or “Possible Damage” on the delivery receipt is not acceptable. Specific notation of damage to the carton and product is required. If you signed for the carton without notating any damage on the delivery receipt you have signed the goods as “Free and Clear.” A notation of “Subject to Inspection” or “Possible Damage” on the delivery receipt is not acceptable and is viewed the same as if it were signed clear. If damage is not specifically notated on the delivery receipt, the delivering freight line will not accept responsibility for the damage. That means that we will not be reimbursed for the damaged merchandise and freight charges; therefore, we cannot provide replacements to you free of charge. You will be responsible for any replacement costs.


NOTATED DAMAGE – Damages are notated when the damage is specifically written on the delivery receipt and/or are refused. RhinoTech, must be notified of the damage and/or refusal as soon as possible so that we can file a damage claim with the freight company. If the driver did not remove the goods at the time of delivery, you must retain the product and all of the packaging including the carton and any foam it contained. The freight company may or may not come back to inspect and remove the merchandise.  If they do not remove the product then wait until we authorize you to dispose of it.

CONCEALED DAMAGE – Damage that is found after the driver has left and was not notated on the delivery receipt is concealed damage. Replacement or repair costs will apply on all concealed damages.  It is your responsibility to inspect the entire shipment before the driver leaves. Failure to do so releases RhinoTech, from all liability. If concealed damaged is discovered RhinoTech, must be notified within 24 hours (excluding weekends). We require that all original packaging materials including the carton and any foam contained therein be retained until we advise you it may be discarded.  You are encouraged to take photographs of the outer and inner packaging as well as the damaged product. We will ship a replacement as soon as possible at cost to you.

All freight companies allow a specific amount of time for you to inspect your shipment before the driver leaves. The time limits are based on the total weight of your shipment. If the driver refuses to wait, then you must call RhinoTech immediately and contact your local delivering terminal. All carriers dedicate 15-30 minutes for each delivery.

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