A Haze Remover for every Screen Printer

Today, we’re introducing an amazing HAZE REMOVER.

We appreciate that you’re joining us in the pit; our happy video production place where we demo RhinoClean Screen Cleaning products and other screen cleaning equipment.

For this product demo of HR 2800, we’re using a RhinoClean Washout Booth that is part of our Professional Series. This booth is constructed of welded Polypro with an aluminum base that is vent ready and features a wand holder. This booth is backlit and is a no splash-back system that is an especially important feature. We also offer an Economy Series of booths in standard sizes, but, we’re always up for custom designs based on your needs.

So, let’s get to it. GHOST IMAGES ON SCREENS A PROBLEM FOR YOU AT TIMES? Well, this is the most effective and simple way to eliminate them. Use HR 2800, a haze remover that is tried and proven (see Catspit Productions product comparison demo).

Haze Remover HR2800 offers up a new-like screen frame for reuse.

Haze Remover HR 2800 offers up a new-like screen frame for reuse.

HR 2800 is a THICK liquid remover making it easy to work with because it stays put where you apply it (we also feature RhinoClean Green HR 2400 that is a thinner liquid haze remover). This is how to use the product:

Apply HR 2800 to the scrubber.
Scrub screen frame on both sides.
Let HR 2800 sit on the screen for 3 minutes.
With an RS1500 Pressure Washer (225 – 1500 PSI), adjust the nozzle to the fan setting (the garden hose will not get the job done).
Working back and forth in a smooth motion, spray the entire screen frame.
And, watch as the haze image disappears.
The result is a new-looking 125 mesh screen frame.




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