M-10-2 Recirculating System is a Must-Have for Screen Printers Everywhere.

Replace the bottle and the brush with the M-10-2 Recirculating System! Inject a whole new way to clean screen frames while saving on screen cleaning products with a highly affordable and over-producing screen wash from the RhinoTech family of screen cleaning chemicals.

In this video, Chris offers a step-by-step method in which to use this closed-loop system to recycle screen wash, in this case, SW 197, with a space-saving Recirculating System. It stores easily under a washout booth. All in all, it makes the tedious job of washing screens a bit easier and quicker and not so tedious.


Air pump

Holding tank (box)

Filter media (50 yards of 10-micron filter paper comes with M-10-2)

Canister filter and a scrub brush


Fill box (holding tank) with SW197 screenwash/ink degradant

Slide Recirculating System under the Washout Booth

Hook up air to the air pump.

Turn the system on with brush trigger start.

The liquid will flow through the scrub brush as you wash the screen frame and stream down the washout booth drain into the M-10-2.

The liquid will first hit the top filter paper that sits on top of a perforated plastic basket.

It will then settle into the chamber 1 and overflow into chamber 2 to catch debris and then flow back into the pump.

The pump will pump liquid into the canister filter for added filtration and back into the unit to reuse.

The M-10-2 Recirculating System

Use Screen Wash 197 with Plastisol and U.V. ink to bolster your screen cleaning with the M-10-2 Recirculating System.


Thanks for watching it. And, for considering an economical and Mother Earth-friendly way of dealing even more responsibly with your screen cleaning liquid.

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