Heat Transfer Foil Printing

HEAT TRANSFER FOIL PRINTING. This video refresher course offers a step-by-step technique on how to digitally heat transfer a design with SingleStep laser paper onto a light color t-shirt. And, how a creative, heat transfer foil application will increase the glam, the value of the garment and your profit margin.

First, some of the features of HEAT TRANSFER FOIL PRINTING with SingleStep Heat Transfer Paper:

  • Performs consistently in offering a finished product that looks as if it’s been screen printed.
  • Once it’s been transferred onto white/light color fabric, it leaves no window — it only transfers the toner.
  • You get vibrant colors and whites whether you use 100% cotton, DriFit/polyester or a 50/50 blend.
  • Available in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”.

*FYI: We used the OKI c831-TS printer to print the image. This printer has been specially designed for garment decoration and it remains one of those that we recommend. And, the Swingman 20 is our recommended choice for heat presses. As we always say, get a good one!

Here are the steps to the HEAT TRANSFER FOIL process:

-Print design in mirror image, so that it will end up being “right reading”.

-Position t-shirt onto heat press bed and add parchment paper on top of the shirt.

-Next, heat press the t-shirt for 5-10 seconds with MEDIUM PRESSURE to remove wrinkles and moisture.

-Remove parchment paper and position design on the shirt.

-Place parchment paper on top of the design.

-With MEDIUM PRESSURE, heat press for 25 seconds at 330° F.

– Carefully, HOT PEEL the transfer by beginning at a corner and rolling the paper back against the grain in one smooth motion.


-Crinkle Foil to add texture then flatten it out on top of the design.

-Place parchment paper on top of the Foil and heat press for 25 seconds at 330° F.

-Remove parchment paper and let the t-shirt cool.

-COLD PEEL by just rolling the foil off the shirt.

-The last step is to re-press for 10 seconds to doubly ensure a foil bond.

Heat Transfer Paper using Metallic FoilAnd, that’s it. The result is a t-shirt with excellent color and spark, added dimension and appeal. And, with an increased price point.


– SingleStep Heat Transfer Paper offers an added, digital printing service stream to a screen printing or embroidery shop with little investment.

Heat Transfer Foil is available in a wide range of colors in a 12” roll that is 200’ long. When you add Foil for a bit of a bling effect that costs just pennies, you dramatically increase the price point of the finished product.

-Swingman 20 Heat Press with digital time, temp and pressure controls – a must-have.

-OKI c831-TS printer. No guessing.

Craftsters and hobbyists can easily work with this affordable paper and equipment in home-based studio environments, as well.

We very much appreciate your interest in this and all of our videos and products.

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